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What is JavaScript used for

JavaScript is the most popular programming language and the most widely used language in the world at the moment. How popular and important JavaScript is, tells the fact that if you disable JavaScript in your browser, either the website you try to load will break completely, or the browser will load some old version of the page.

If you are unsure what JavaScript is and you are interested to read more about it first, you definitely should read an article What Is JavaScript? Complete Beginners Guide.

What is the use of JavaScript?

Every time we open a webpage, and that webpage is not only showing some content, but also provides a greater functionality, we are witnessing the magic of JavaScript. JavaScript is making the website more interactive and dynamic.

At first, JavaScript could be run only inside the web browsers. With time, with increasing popularity came the development of numerous frameworks and libraries. As such, JavaScript became the language used both in front and back end applications. It is used by global companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix, PayPal, etc.

Let us discuss some areas where we can use JavaScript.

Front End Development

When it comes to front end development, JavaScript is used together with HTML and CSS, in order to create beautiful and dynamic web pages. While HTML is the structure of website, CSS the style, JavaScript is used to manipulate the content and allow the users to interact with page elements.

Back End Development

After the creation of Node.js, which allowed running JavaScript outside the web browsers, JavaScript can be used in back end development. It can be used to save users’ posts and comments, users’ data, create APIs, process payments, etc.

Mobile Applications

mobile javascript applications

Mobile applications were developed using the language specific for each operating system. However, with technology development in recent years, and evolving JavaScript frameworks, it is possible to create applications with JavaScript both for iOS and Android devices. Most popular JavaScript library used for mobile applications is React.js.


javascript games

Today it is possible to create games using JavaScript. If you use plain, vanilla JS, these games have their limitations. These are mostly 2D, browser based games, developed with the use of JS, HTML, and CSS. For more complex games, it is necessary to use some JavaScript libraries, such as Lime.js and Phaser.js.


Due to its popularity and widespread use, JavaScript is definitely the language worth learning. New libraries are evolving every day, which additionally increases its functionality.

At first, you could only run JavaScript within the web browsers. However, with increasing popularity of the language, many libraries were development. This allowed JavaScript to be a part of both front and back end applications, as well as mobile applications and games. Today, JavaScript is evolving each day and it is in the use of numerous global companies.

Maybe it is a good way to start learning Vanilla JavaScript first, as this will be a great foundation for further learning of JavaScript frameworks. Learning about Vanilla JavaScript is available in the post What is Vanilla JavaScript and should you learn it first.

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